30 Day Challenge (March)

I have wanted to get into this challenge series for a long time and I finally decided I am going to go for it. This series is a monthly challenge where I am hoping it changes my lifestyle. I am going to start with an easy task and go up to hard. And I will do my best to finish the challenge. I got this idea from lots of blogs and they do say that lifestyle change has to start slowly.

This month the challenge is  No Clothing. It means I won’t be buying any cloths for any body including my daughter 🙂 . I think this will be an easy feat since I usually get clothes for Baby A most of the time, so if I can control that then I will definitely win this challenge 😀 .

Do you think you will be able to do this challenge? you can choose whatever challenge you feel like but you have to finish the challenge. I read a book where it say that you can avoid temptation if you really want to and it is your choice. So I am hoping to have more control on my life with this challenge.

Join with me if you want to and lets see if we can do this 🙂 .


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