My Ipad Apps

Its been 10 months since I got Ipad and I think I can talk about what works for me πŸ™‚ . I have never had any Apple products before this and I always wondered why there are many people who are obsessed by them and now I can understand why πŸ˜€ . I wanted to get this for a long time and was waiting for the right moment and that came when my brother-in-law visited us and he had got the Ipad 2. I wanted to play with his Ipad before getting my own because I wasn’t sure if I will like it. So within 2 days, I was obsessed with it. I was researching about best apps to download and loved playing with apps. I only downloaded the free apps.

So by 2nd day, My brother-in-law told me to keep his Ipad (yay) and just get him the Kindle Fire since he wasn’t interested in Ipad. So that how I got this Ipad 2 and let me tell you that I was pretty obsessed with it for a long time and I can actually see how useful it is in day-to-day life. I am going to tell you about the apps I love. Β I had loads of apps and since then have deleted a lot of them since I never use them.

Home Screen

  • Photography Folder – This Folder has apps which I almost never use. They are Reminders, Camera, Videos, Maps, Face Time, Photo Booth and Photos. The most apps I use in this folder is the Maps which I check out mostly the address for places.
  • Entertainment Folder – This folder has some apps which was already downloaded in the Ipad. They are Notes, Music, Game Center, Itunes, Contacts, Find Friends, Messages and Setting. Of these the most I use is the Settings app.
  • Clock – mostly for the time zone around the world.
  • App Store – check them almost once a week for a new app
  • Calender – have synced them to my google calender
  • MyFitnessPal – I am loving this app. This is a calorie counter and also a workout counter. So you can count the total calorie consumed and lost. But Β I haven’t used this for nearly a month. I used this mostly for my food intake.
  • AppsBundle – new app. Still haven’t tried it.
  • Facebook – Of Course, I have this in my home screen πŸ˜€ . Who doesn’t? I usually check them atleast 5-10 times a day.
  • Goodreads – My favorite app. I can enter the books I finished here instead of going to the real website.
  • Pinterest – I am obsessed about this app.
  • Waterin – Just to keep an eye on your daily water intake
  • Skype – we chat with grand parents twice a week
  • Expensense HD – My absolute favorte budget planner. I got this free and I absolutely love it. I have used this for about 9 months.
  • Safari
  • Mail – I love this one since I can connect all my emails to this one app.

Second Screen

  • Books Folder – IBooks ( fantastic for reading books downloaded straight from the net) , Kindle, Nook, OverDrive ( ebooks from your library) and Adobe Reader.
  • Food Folder – Open table and Pepperplate ( my favorite to store recieps which I want to try) .
  • Entertainment Folder – abc Player, Crackle, Netflix( favortie one) and YouTube.
  • Draw Folder – Draw Free, Doodle Buddy, Draw Pad and MyBrushes. I have this mostly for my daughter and she likes to draw stuffs when she is bored πŸ˜€ .
  • Games Folder – Jewel Hunt LE, Rise of Atlantis, Chinese Checkers, Game Kit, Brain Jewel, Mayan Puzzle, Solitaire, Call of Atlantis and Solitaire.
  • Clock Folder – Alarm clock. World Clock, White Noise HD and Noise Box.
  • Word Games Folder – Word Search +, Word Stack, Shaker HD, Word Farm, Welder, Unword, Word Wonders, 4 pics 1 word and Word Guess.
  • Kids Folder – These contain apps for 4+ kids but I still downloaded them because they were free for a day πŸ™‚ . Fun with ABC, Kids maps, Preschool, Brain Quest, Mathlands, Math bracket HD, First Words, Creative pad, Lil Braniac, PreK prep, Continents, 123 kids HD, Agnitus (this is her favorite in this folder), Kids logic HD, Puzzle (love this one as well), Learn PreK, Monkey Math and Jellytoons HD.
  • Travel Folder – Travel guide, Portland Guide, Seattle Guide, Rio Jeneiro, Mexico city, Montreal, Visit Vancouver, Whistler, NYC outdoors, Portland, Victoria and Newyork. Some of these places I still have to visit πŸ™‚ .
  • Photo Folder – Nostalgio, Halftone, Wallpapers and Wallpaper HD
  • Education Folder – The apps are for adults. Guess Words, Bench Prep, BioTechniques, CLEP biology, Interview, WebMD and World Wonders.
  • Productivity Folder – MegaApp, Color Spalsh, Magicalpad and GIST.
  • Weather Folder – AccuWeather, Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • Lifestyle Folder – ILivingWill, Wallpaper Studio, Hindu Calender, Cheese HD, Countdown, Sleep up, Writers App and Writer Lists.
  • Music Folder – Spotify and Tunein Radio (had lots of hindi and tamil channels and I listen to them I miss India)
  • Baby 1 Folder- Alphanet Learn, Let’s Count, ABC song, Funny Alphabet, Music Sparkle, Animals, Toy phone, Old Macdonald and Kindertown.
  • Baby 2 Folder – Baby Safari, Counting 123 (favorite), songs4kids, Shapes, Farm Animals, Fish HD, TapATune and Alphabet Match.
  • Baby 3 Folder – ABC kids HD, Wee sing, Phone4kids, Curious Zoo, Busy Farm, Infinity Puzzles (favorite) and ABC puzzles.
  • Baby 4 Folder – Lingo Zoo (favorite), Jungle book, Farm School, ABC Expedition, Animal sounds, Farm Academy, Kindergarden, Endless ABC and Anim Puzzle.
  • Shopping Folder – Target, Goupon HD, Appsfire (shows apps which is free for that day), HauteLook, Etsy and Zulily.

Third Screen

  • TED – love some of the talks
  • Smart CoinΒ 
  • My Coupons
  • Flipboard – my favorite
  • Pink Pad
  • Evernote
  • Twitter

I know that I have listed a lot and I did miss some of them since I don’t use them at all. But All these were free so I downloaded them πŸ™‚ . Hope you find something which you like and try them. These are the stuffs which I have in my Ipad and I love most of them.


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