Dilemma and Toddler news

Ok.. not a serious dilemma but a dilemma for me anyway in my normal life 😉 .

I was just thinking that my birthday is going to be next month and I was wondering what to get for my gift. Every year hubby gives me a choice of what to get for my birthday and I always choose something which is something I normally don’t buy like Perfumes. For the past 2 year, I have got perfumes like the Sephora sample fragrance kit last year which I absolutely loved because I get to sample lot of perfumes and can buy my favorite one 🙂 . For 2011, hubby got me the Jennifer Aniston perfume which is still one of my favorites. But this year, I don’t know what to get 😦 .

My choices are Jewellery by Hues design which I absolutely love to get my hands on or maybe a value kit from Sephora or Trilogy organic rosehip oil. I still can’t decide what I want 🙂 . I always feel guilty when I buy something very expensive 😦 . This year I am undecided but I did have my eye on the rosehip oil for a long time. It is a skin care oil used by many celebrities for a smooth skin. My skin has got dry and hormonal for the past 6 months and I absolutely hate it. It feels dry and stretchy. Mostly likely I am going to choose this option because it is practical 🙂 .

Moving on to the toddler news, I have placed my daughter in a day care for 3 hours every day since she has got bored staying home with me in the winter. She has always been happy around people so finally we have decided to put her in the day care this month. For the first 2 days, she did cry and it made me so guilty. But when I talked to the teacher there, she said she just cried for 3 min and then got distracted (yayyy) . And she has done ok there. I  know that 3 hrs is a short time but at least during that time she is playing with other kids 🙂 . I am so happy that she has settled down there. Though she is not eating there, they do offer lunch but she has few bites of them but I am hoping that will change in the future.

She has changed so much in the last few months, grown confident and talkative 🙂 . She has been learning lot of new words especially from the educative cartoon which she watches most of the time. Her favorite word of this week is “CUTE” 😆 . And she uses the word in the right place. She can also identify ostrich and hippo 🙄 , seriously they learn quickly from the cartoon than from us. She is excited to go to school these days and I am happy.

But you must be wondering what I do in those 3 hrs 😀 . I did do all the grocery shopping and list of stuffs to do during last week. And I did visit some shops which I wanted to for a long time. But mostly I was SICK 😦 . And guess where I got the flu from?? Baby A, of course 🙄 . She got the flu from the day care and gave it to both of us. But of all the 3, it got severe for me, mostly bad dry cough and led to slight wheezing. And I have not been sleeping well for the past 2 weeks. During those 3 hrs, I just sat and had my lunch peacefully 😀 .

I still have some wheezing but once it get cured, I am hoping to join a gym and just walk till the summer come over. I am so looking forward to summer so that I can walk in the trail near our home. I got my fitness app and the songs ready in my phone and I was supposed to join the gym last week 🙄 . Hopefully I will be ok by next week and can join the gym 🙂 .

That’s news from this month. Lets hope that next month is more exciting than this one 🙂 .


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