Product Review

Today I am going to review 3 products which I am using almost every day.

Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

I got this from the Vitacost long time ago. I was looking for some face wash which has no harsh chemicals since I am using them everyday in my face. This product caught my eye since it has tea tree oil and sea kelp. I was drawn to it and decided to get them and try it. I think the price was under $6 and I don’t mind paying that money if its going to protect my skin 🙂 .

The pump bottle is easy to use and all it needs is one pump to wash your face. It smells like tea tree oil which I love. It does say that it’s for normal skin but I have a dry skin. I do feel that it slightly makes my skin dry but since I use my moisturizer as soon as I wash my face, it doesn’t bother me 🙂 . I have used this for almost 2 months and I do like this one. But will I buy this again? Don’t know since I like to try different face wash all the time.

Naturally Fresh Deodorant

I saw this in my local grocery store and decided to try it since it says it doesn’t have any parabens and its hypoallergenic. I always had a bad reaction to deodorant. Since my college days I used the spray deodorants and within 6 months, I realized that I was having a bad reaction to it. My underarms started getting dark and itchy. And the skin will become raw from itching that I have to put non-itching lotion on them 😦 . It’s always a problem during summer because you don’t want to stink of sweat but you can’t do anything unless you apply deodorant. So when I read hypoallergenic, I decided to try this and see if it suits me. I got them in lavender and I think it was about $3 or so.

The smell is amazing and I love lavender smell. It is a roll on and I like it. It doesn’t make me itch and I loved it until I realized that it doesn’t last long. I think it will be better for just 2-3 hrs and then you start to sweat and ultimately stink 😦 . But I use this for my short trips to groceries or shops etc. I do like the product but it’s not long-lasting.

EB Crop Organic Chocolate Shampoo

I saw this product on one of my trip to TJ Maxx. The word Chocolate caught my eye and I decided to smell it and it smells amazing. Not exactly like chocolate but something spicy 😀 . I always have a problem with shampoo until I found that the paraben and sls free shampoo are better 🙂 . And this is one of those all FREE shampoo for darker coloured hair and of course I had to try it 😀 . It retailed for about $7 and I think this is the most I paid for a shampoo.

It is a pump bottle and easy to use. I also loved the smell. The surprising note was that my hair was not problematic and even my scalp was clean 🙂 . I loved the effect of it on my hair. I just went to the TJ Maxx next day and stocked up this for my future since I was sure it won’t be always available in that shop. It’s definitely worth trying this product my readers 😀 .


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