Happy Mother’s Day

Hello Readers,

Did you celebrate Mother’s day? I certainly did 🙂 . It certainly feels good to know that someone appreciates you, doesn’t it? My daughter got me a craft flower bouquet from her school 😀 on Friday. I know that her teacher  helped her with this project and it was so cute. And the main thing was she refused to give it to me 😆 because she liked it so much. And today morning she gave me a gift 😉 and I loved it. She gave me a Nook Simple Touch Ereader :D.

If you are following my blog for a long time then you certainly know that I already got Nook Color in 2011 for my Birthday and it’s still going strong and I love it. I love that I can add a SD card because if you are like me, a book lover, then you will have a lot of books in your ereader like me. Let me count, at the moment I have about 2210 books in my Nook Color 😀 . Yup and I know it’s a lot but I always add a book if I want to read it. So it kept accumulating and at the moment I still have those 2210 unread ebooks :D. Ok, Does this make you understand how much I love reading books 🙂 . Even though the Nook Color has web browser, mail, etc, I never use them. The one major con I would say is that because of the color and lot of other stuffs in the Nook, I have to charge them everyday 😦 .

And that is my new phone case in the reflection 😀 on my very much loved Nook Color.

So moving on, I kept telling hubby that I am going to buy the Nook Simple Touch just for reading books. I just want that to store all my favorite books which I like to read again and again :D. Nook color for all the unread ebooks and Nook Simple touch for favorite ebooks which I want to read again 😀 . I told hubby I want that as our anniversary gift but I got it as a Mother’s day gift :yay: .

Thank you Baby A and Hubby for my gift which I absolutely love 😀 . I know that It will be loved.


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