Fragrance Collection – Update

I have wanted to show you guys my fragrance collection. I had bought these in the last year or so. I have always been a perfume/fragrance collection. I remember my earliest memories was of the Old Spice after shave splash which my dad used to use and I absolutely loved the smell. It’s fresh and uplifting 😀 . And then I remember the Brutt which my dad used and I also used them most of the time 😀 . Once upon a time I did like the Musk scent and if I remember right, I think it was called Jovin or something. Anyhoos, after I got married my hubby gave me the JLO Glow and I fell in love with the scent. It is so refreshing and I used to use them a lot. I still have a bottle of it in my collection.

Anyway, then I started collecting perfumes. I like the clean and fresh scents, not too overpowering scent like the one which my mom had and I think it was called Poison or something like that and It gave me terrible headaches 😦 . So these are some of my collection which is a year old 🙂 .

Wicked WahineOriginal. I got my first bottle when I went to Maui in 2010. A lady was buying this scent in a shop and she was saying that her daughter loves this scent. So I decided to try it and see what is special about it. It’s main fragrance note is jasmine, musk and sandalwood. It is a spicy smell which I love, more earth tone. And I also got a back up of this bottle when I visited Kauai this year 🙂 .

Wicked Wahine – Rose. I decided to try this one when I saw this in Kauai. It has a typical rose scent which I love.

Jennifer Aniston – I got this set in a clearance from Target during the after Christmas clearance sale 😀 . You all know about how much I love this perfume and when I saw this set just for $9, I just had to get it. The original price of the perfume was about $30 and since I broke my last bottle, I decided to get this set 😀 .

Then for my last birthday, I got a perfume collection set from Sephora and It had the following perfumes :

Dolce & Gabbana – Light blue. This does reminds me of the cologne scent with a citrus scent. I do like it.

Clean – Warm Cotton. OMG, I can just bathe in this scent. It’s exactly as it says, newly washed cotton cloth drying in the sun 😀 .

Coach – Poppy. Not a fan of it. It is a bit strong for my taste.

DKNY – Pure. It’s Ok but I don’t think I will buy this.

Jennifer Anisten – Of course it’s one of my favorites so It’s in my travel bag 🙂 .

Do any of you have any favorite scent which you are obsessed with? I think most of the ladies prefer strong scents but it gives me horrible headaches? Do any of you have any favorite fresh scents? I can always try them 🙂 .


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