Facial Moisturizer Review

I have used these 3 moisturizer this past summer and I think I am ready to review it now 🙂 .

Yes to Carrots Eye Cream

I saw this in Ross and I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I decided to try them since I was in need of eye cream. The best thing about this product is the pump and It gives you just the right amount for both eyes. The formulation is very light, not think and greasy like Kiehl’s 😀 , and my eyes seems to absorb this pretty quickly which I love 🙂 . But if you ask me if I can see any changes after using this, my honest answer would be “I don’t know” 🙂 , I mean it’s not as if I had problems there. I just wanted use them so that the concealer would go smoothly when I apply. And would I buy this again? Definitely 🙂 . To me, even though I don’t see any visible changes, I do like it.

Booth’s Marshmallow Day Cream

I got them in Rite aid since these were on clearance. I haven’t seen any reviews about his but still it was in the natural section where you see brands like alba, etc. The formulation is really thick, almost on the greasy side and I don’t understand why they call this a day cream? It might work for people with really dry skin and even though i have dry skin, It looks greasy on me 😦 . And it was little bit on the pricey side even though it was on clearance. I seriously would not buy this again.

Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream Sunscreen

I have seen this in Target and always had my eyes on this. It reminded me of Boots in Dublin 😀 , I really miss that shop. When I was in need of a new facial cream for summer, I decided to go for this after spending an hour browsing this brand :D. It is about $14 but I thought maybe it might be worth it. I have to be honest I actually thought it was just a facial cream. But somehow When I read this again after coming home, I realized that it was a sunscreen as well. So thought it might be perfect for summer, right 🙂 . The formulation is light enough but the thing I hate about sunscreen is the white caste when it is first applied 😦 . It does say that it is hydrating and it is mostly good for 5-8 hrs and not more than that. I realized that by the end of the day, my skin gets stretchy 🙄 . So I had to use another cream by the end of the day to make my facial skin happy. But overall, it is a good product.


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