Nail #46 : L’oreal The Temptress Power

Can you believe that it’s been more than a year since I have blogged about nail polishes? 😯 .  I don’t paint my nails these days because I know that it will chip the next day and it is mostly due to motherhood 😛 . I keep washing my hands most of the time so it chips very quickly. I do paint them for special occasions but I forget to take a picture on that day. So I decided to just take some swatches of the polishes that I got in the last year 🙂 .

The Temptress Power

I got the L’oreal nail polish in The Temptress Power which is a limited edition released in the Project Runaway collection. I got them in BIg Lots for $1 and I decided to try them since it looked good in the bottle. It has a duochrome effect with a base of a nude orange brown color with a green and yellow sheen in it. The formula is so translucent that even after two coats, I could see the nails 😦 but it is perfect for work since it almost looks neutral. You can’t see the duochrome effect unless you look very closely. It almost looks nude on my nails.

Overall, It is not bad for a dollar but I would not spend $5 or more for this one 🙂 .


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