Nail #47

I am going to review 2 nail polishes in just one go just because I wanted to do it quickly 😀 .

L’oreal Nail Polish in Jolly Lolly 

This is one of the limited edition during this summer. The formula is quite different from the other nail polishes. It is a jelly finish 🙂 . I found this in Rite-Aid in the clearance section probably in July or around that time. I have heard about this from the blogs so wanted to try it. I love red nail polishes so I wasn’t even hesitant in wanting this in my collection. The formula is very smooth and it looks like a red jello, like a transparent glossy red color. I LOVE the color but the downside is that even after 2 coats it is still transparent enough that I can see my nails. But overall, I am glad that I own this one 🙂 . It looks like a cherry lip gloss, transparent and glossy 🙂 ,

Revlon Color stay Nail Polish in Cayenne

I found this in the clearance bin in Target and I was intrigued by the color. I don’t have this type of color in my collection. The formula is very smooth to apply with no streaks. The color is beautiful. It is like a Cayenne pepper color, orange red color. It’s beautiful on a medium skin tone. I reach for this one the most for my toe nails 🙂 .

L to R : Revlon, L’oreal


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