Pet Peeve #2

Its been so long since I posted something in this section and I got an annoying pet peeve to tell you all. I wanted to talk about Asians and South American ladies who dye their hair blond šŸ˜” . I really really HATE it when people with black hair dye their hair blond and lo behold in just 2 weeks their black roots starts showing up. I usually see a South American lady near my home who walks to work and she had this beautiful long blue-black hair which is so thick and straight (Jealous) and one day I just saw her blond hair. I almost fainted with shock.

What the ****? Why would anyone do that? It’s not even brown or caramel, It’s just blond like yellow blond šŸ˜Æ , Just think of the damage to the hair, the bleach šŸ˜¦ and with jet black eyebrows šŸ˜” . Really?? Is that a fashion statement??

I ABSOLUTELY HATE it when people do that.


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