Gadget Geek – New Phone

I have never talked about this but I am a total Gadget Geek 😀 . Though I am not saying that I am anyway expert in technologies 🙂 . I just love playing with them, learning them and that first few weeks you get such rush in finding out how it works, etc, etc. Wish I could just get all the newly released gadgets but unfortunately I am not rich 😆 to do that. But once in a while I do get my new gadget and I am just totally obsessed with them for a while. Last year it was the IPad and this year, Its my Samsung Galaxy S4 . The last time I reviewed my phone, it was a HTC Windows phone. Though I liked it then, It just didn’t have that much app choice which I didn’t like but once I had the IPad and fell in love with different apps, I wanted a phone which can have a lot of apps as well 🙂 .

But I didn’t want the IPhone, I wasn’t impressed by it at all 🙂 . Everyone had it and It wasn’t anything special, at least in my opinion. So enter the Android phones which my brother has used. He convinced me to get the Google Nexus last November and I did. I will review it soon 🙂 . Within 6 months, I was ready for something new, My brother has Samsung S3 and I kinda liked how it looked 😀 .

He convinced me to try the Samsung S4 when att was having some offers in July. I was so hesitant to use the contract phone because it ends up being expensive since I don’t use much minutes or even web 🙂 . But then again I wasn’t interested in paying it outright for about $650 . So finally hubby and brother convinced me to get the contract version 🙂 . I got the red color and I love it. For the first few weeks, I was struggling with using it. I wasn’t comfortable at all. I even thought of returning it. I am not the person who reads the manual 🙄 , It’s so boring, half way through I am done with it. But slowly I started reading some blogs on S4 and fell in love with it. Its been nearly 2 months and I can finally review it 😀 .

Samsung Galaxy S4

Once again, this is totally from the view-point of a mom, housewife and a non-techo person. I don’t know how the inside works or even the hardware, yada, yada. The things I checked out was how much space it had, can it have microSD card and the camera. I use the camera too much these days. I wasn’t worried about other technicalities so the S4 looked pretty good to me 🙂 . The reason for the microSD was because I take a lot of pictures in my camera so I wanted some storage and also I needed some storage for videos for my daughter 🙄 during travelling. It keeps her busy for sometime 🙂 .

Yup, that’s my refelxtion

Moving on to the gadget itself, you can find a lot of good articles on this phone. So I don’t need to tell you about all the features or even about the hardware 🙂 . I am just going to explain about what I like about this phone and how I use it in my daily life. The features I love are :

  1. Home Lock – Thank god for this. Otherwise my toddler will be logging in and doing stuffs in it 😀 .
  2. Settings – This features some good ones like the data usage (keep an eye on how much date you use) , power saving mode and quick settings (where you can see the ones you use often).
  3. Camera – 😀 It has a lot of filters and features I love.
  4. Google maps – use them often
  5. Widgets – I am obsessed with them 😀
  6. Apps – Of course apps. I LOVE trying out new apps. I am going to dedicate an entire article on the android apps I love.

On the whole, I am loving this gadget. The only con for me is that Its too big to hold especially when I was to take a selfie in the camera 🙂 . I hope I covered everything I can think of. If not, then I will do an update 🙂 .


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