Gadget Geek – Android Apps & Widgets

Disclaimer : Gentlemen, Don’t even think of reading this article since I know you will end up rolling your eyes especially those techno geeks πŸ™‚ . This is a mom’s phone and I admit it doesn’t have cool apps and I like it that way πŸ˜€ .

As per my last article, I have used Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am obsessed with the apps and widgets πŸ˜€ . There are so many of them in the market and I love playing with them. I never buy any apps and I only download if its free so that I won’t feel guilty when I don’t like any. But I think some of the apps are totally worth the money even if I have to pay for it and I will list them as well.

The homepage of the phone has lots of pages in which you can add all your favorite and most used apps and widgets. And then the one I rarely use are in the apps folder. My home lock has a nice wall paper and motivation quote along with the password protection πŸ˜€ . Sorry I didn’t take a picture of it. Moving on, let me list all my favorite apps,

Main Page

Fancy Widgets 😎 – This is my favorite for showing the time and the weather in one. They have a lot of options for the clock skin and the weather icon. But if you need more you have to buy it. But for the free version, it is totally worth it πŸ™‚ .

Facebook – Of course facebook, who doesn’t have it in their main page.

Mail Folder – My yahoo and gmail apps

Messaging – rarely use this and only for pinging my neighbor.

Whatsapp 😎 – If you haven’t heard about it, then let me tell you that you REALLY need this one especially for someone who has family and relatives all over the world. You can receive text, picture and videos in it. It’s exactly like Messages but without paying for it at ATT πŸ™„ . Love it.

Taskbar – This one has the phone, contacts, Chrome, Camera (which I use all the time) and the Apps folder.

Main Page

Page 1

Clean Master – To clean up all the junk files in the phone

Music Folder – Play Music (google’s own), FM Radio India (love listening to the Indian FM radio especially Suryan FM) and Saavn (new songs and old ones as well).

Game Folder – Word Ruggle and Word Game

BlogLovin – It’s a replacement for google reader. Love to keep in touch with all my favorite blogs.

Play Store – Where you buy android apps

Alarm Clock Plus – Love this one as my alarm clock.

Maps – Google Maps. Perfect for when you want to find the route πŸ˜€ especially for an organized driver like me. I like to know before hand about how to reach the destination without going through the highways πŸ˜€ .

Shops Folder – Safeway (grocery store, love their online coupons), out of milk (shopping lists, perfect for remembering what to buy in different shops), Shopular (coupons and deals from shops) and Key ring (to store all the shop cards in the phone, I don’t need to take the real cards, just scan the ones in the phone and lets not forget each shop has their own cards now πŸ™„ )

Starbucks 😎 – My favorte of the bunch πŸ˜€ . Ever since somebody gave us a starbucks gift card on April, I have been obsessed with their drinks. Before that, I usually go there about 4 times a year, rarely but now I am ADDICTED to their drinks 😦 . This app shows my account where I collect Β stars for each buy and the offers from starbucks. I can even pay directly with this app πŸ˜€ . You can also add as many gift card to this account and then reload the money online to it. Hubby has one as well but he rarely uses it.

Others Folder – MyFitnessPal (love this for keeping an eye on what i eat) , Skype (chatting with grandparents) and My Calender (for keeping an eye on the ladies monthly time πŸ˜‰ ).

Video – Of course for my toddler. This one has a Diego and Dora videos for emergency viewing πŸ˜€

Photo Grid – For making a collage out of the photos.

Gallery – storing all the pictures

Goodreads 😎 – Of course for a bookworm like me, you definitely need this πŸ˜€ .

Instagram 😎 – I have been obsessed with this app. I love watching others photos. It’s like a status with a picture


Page 2

World Clock Widget – To keep an eye on the time especially when you need to talk to someone from a different time zone

Assistive Light – lights in a dark area

Eye in the Sky Widget – To keep an eye on the weather


Page 3

Jorte Widget – It’s a calender, I use this instead of the one in the phone. I like this since it has a lot of widget option.


Other Mentions

Apart from the apps in the phone and some samsung apps, these are the other apps which I use sometimes are:

Adobe Reader

Backgrounds (wallpaper)

Calculator Mobicalc (better than the one in the phone)

Color Note (for taking notes or listing stuffs)

Currency (for looking at the exchange rates)


Endomondo ( I was using this in summer when I went for a walk)

Go Weather Ex

Hangouts (google talk)

Local ( to find places locally)


Pocket Budget ( keeping an eye on the budget while travelling)

Stopwatch & Timer

SwiftKey (keyboard)

Tamil Calender (to keep an eye on the festive dates)

Tamil Proverbs

Tip N Split


Zedge (wallpapers)

And that sums up my phone πŸ˜€ . P.S. The apps withe the cool face are my favorite of all the apps I have. Hope you have some of them all well and if you don’t why don’t you give some a try. And if you know some cool apps then tell me, I will try them as well.


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