Recent Red Lipstick Haul

I don’t know why I am obsessed with red lipsticks for the past 4 months. I was scared of wearing this color before but now I LOVE it 😀 . I love looking for the perfect red which suits my skin tone. I have found these 3 lipsticks recently which are worth mentioning.

Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream in Silky Red

I have always had trouble finding the lip cream to work on me. I thought it was mainly the colors which I choose. I have 2 lip creams in my collection and one is pale pink and other is pale peach, both the colors wash me out. So When I saw Essence had a lip cream, I was totally over the moon. I thought it is red and it can’t go wrong. Boy was I wrong? 🙄

I got these in Fred Meyer when they were having BOGO 50% sale and I thought it would be perfect to try it. It originally retails for about $3.99 . It is a cool toned red which doesn’t suit my skin at all. The formula is just like all the lip cream. You have to have a smooth lips otherwise these will settle in your lip lines and would look awful. Once it sets down it looks good and it does look matte. Except for the color, I do like the formula, But unfortunately I still have to find the right color in this formula.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang

I wanted to try this lip lacquer ever since I read good reviews in all my favorite blogs. When I found it was 40% off in Walgreens sometime ago, I decided to try these. They retails for about $4.99 which is not bad for trying it out. I wanted a red gloss and I got it. I was still hesitant about it since most of the color doesn’t suit me and it always depends on your skin tone.

The formula is amazing. It’s like a gel and it just glides on so smoothly. It is so opaque that all it needs is one coat. I LOVE this color. It is a perfect warm red for my skin tone and it is so glossy 😀 . I think it is mostly for night wear when you want to look glamorous 😀 . I used a red lip liner and then wore this on top of it. It had a good staying power and it does stain your lips lightly. I really want to try more colors in this line.

ELF Matte Lip Color in Really Red

I was looking for the perfect red lip color swatches in some of the blogs and I found this one and they looked amazing on the model. I already have on of the matte lip color in tea rose and it definitely not a good color on me 😦 . But then when I saw the swatches I loved the color.

I got this in Target for about $3. The formula is not totally matte and it applies very smoothly. It stains your lips which is perfect. The color is more deep red like magenta red. I love this color 😀 . I really like the twist pen packaging since it is easy to just keep them in the purse.

From Top to Bottom : ELF, Rimmel, Essence

Overall, I am impressed with them. The drugstore has definitely has come up a long way. I don’t even want to buy high-end brand lip products. You have these amazing brands in drugstore. But if you are person who wants only 3-4 lipsticks in their collection then maybe you can keep an eye on the high-end brands. But for people like me, who are obsessed with lip products drugstores are the best thing since sliced bread 😀 .


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