NYX Blushes

I was once Obsessed with getting the right blushes for my skin tone and I have all the colors I want in my collection but when I see some colors, I immediately want to try them πŸ™‚ . NYX is one of the popular brand which makes good products but with drugstore prices which is super easy on my wallet. They retail for about $6 and most of the time it is on sale for BOGO 50% off.

From L to R – Pinched, Mocha

The first color I got was Pinched and it was supposed to be the dupe of the ever famous NARS Orgasm blush and of course I had to get it. It is a peach blush with sheen to it. I think this formula is called a satin finish and it is not glittery. It just gives you the faint peach color with sheen. I do not have the NARS blush so I don’t know if it is a dupe for it. But I somehow don’t reach for this blush a lot. The color doesn’t get me at all.

The next color I got was Mocha which is a matte with no shimmer and it is a mauve pink color. I do use thisΒ as a bronzer on the cheeks . It is deep enough color to give the definition on my skin tone. I do like it but then again it’s not my favorite.

From Top to Bottom : Mocha, Pinched

The problem with NYX blushes is that it doesn’t blend well. I like mine to be able to blend well into my skin so that it looks natural. Overall, I think it’s a good blush but I won’t be buying them any more.


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