Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone

We have all  heard about the Wet n Wild eyeshadow and I am definitely a fan of it. This is one of the popular neutral eyeshadow in this brand and they have 8 shadows in it.  They retail for about $4.99 but if you wait for the sales in the drugstore you can get it for 40% off or BOGO 50% offers. I absolutely agree with all the beauty bloggers out there, this is a fantastic palette which is totally worth your money even if you buy it for a full price. I am mostly a neutral eyeshadow person and though I have a lot of eyeshadow in my collection, I just couldn’t resist this one 🙂 .

The packaging is a simple plastic, rather a flimsy one but I don’t mind it. The formulation is fantastic as per all their eyeshadow. They are so soft and creamy and just glide on smoothly on your skin. The color payoff is excellent and its like what you see is what you get color. I also like that they have they Browbone, Eyelid, Crease and Definer engraved into it to let us know how to use it. They have 8 shadows which is all more neutrals.

First Column

Brow bone – Light Beige color, satin finish
Eyelid -Rosy Pink color, frost finish
Crease – Dark Brown with sheen
Definer – Deep brown with red tone. almost looks burgundy with copper glitters

Second Column

Brow bone – Pale Taupe, satin finish
Eyelid – Pale green with gold sheen
Crease – Deep Olive Green with gold glitters
Definer – Duo chrome, reddish brown with teal duo chrome, one of my favorite color

They all look beautiful and great pigmentation. Overall , this is totally worth buying if you are an eyeshadow person. I love playing with shadows but don’t get many opportunities to do so. Its doesn’t look great if I do full makeup to just to go a play area with my daughter or even go grocery shopping 😀 and I don’t have many friends who are makeup crazy like me. If I attend a party or get together. somehow I feel that I am the only one who has done a full on makeup and I feel the odd one out 🙂 .


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