Bargain Alert #16

It’s been so long since I did a bargain alert article. I found so many bargains lately that I had to do a separate blog post for this particular bargain. I haven’t been to Big Lots for more than 6 months and when the beauty bloggers were talking about some great bargains there, then of course I had to go there. It is a little bit far off from my home, nearly about 7 miles one way 🙂 . Finally I went there this week and o boy, was I surprised? I forgot why I loved Big lots in the first place.

They had a lot of branded products this time especially in the food section. I bought a lot of snacks for Toddler A 🙂 . They had Honey Maid which she loves and the Newton thins. They even had organic baby oatmeal which she loves as well 🙂 . But the first place I went to was the beauty section and I was pleasantly shocked at all the products there. I bought the following products :

  • Maybelline master drama eyeliner in navy and taupe
  • Loreal Voluminous mascara in blue
  • Revlon age defying foundation in honey beige
  • Revlon photoready bronzer
  • Revlon nail polishes in Teal, raspberry, sequin, baby blue (can’t remember their original names)
  • Maybelline nail polishes in denim, navy, purple

Holy moly, I still wanted to get more but I had to stop myself from buying the store 🙄 . They had some revlon blushes, almay products, sephora opi nail polishes, china glaze and sinful nail polishes. They even had SoHo brushes 😀 . If you readers are interested in trying these, then you should visit Big Lots soon.


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