Update on the Healthy lifestyle

It is hard to take up the healthy lifestyle especially if I see a lot of things which I want to eat. It’s been 2 months since I have changed my eating habits but i still have lost only 2 pounds and maybe it’s because that I am still trying to do some workout at least twice a week and that is not enough. For 2 weeks, I was off the wagon because my toddler was sick and then I got sick as well. It is hard to eat healthy during that time. So I ended up making the easy food like rice and curry. I always feel hungry after eating a salad and that day is truly hard for me. So I stuck with carbs at least once a day or moderate amount of carb.

I have been using the My Fitness pal app and my carb count for every day is 175, which was nearly the same amount I was having during my gestational diabetes. I just have to control the portion size. I got some healthy snacks like nuts and sometimes I eat banana if I want to have something sweet. I also eat some chocolates now and then 🙂 . I do cheat at least once a week and have a huge desert like cake or pastries. I just can’t control it.

But I have compromised with myself. As long as I know the calories of what I am going to eat then, it is ok. If I am having a dessert then I share them with hubby so that I won’t eat whole piece 😉 . See, that’s a compromise 😆 . I do drink at least 1 liter of water. I should probably start drinking green tea but I need my milky tea 😀 and I drink them once a day only so it is not bad. I do like it when I know the calories of the things I eat. I have been loving Panera bread for that reason. Their menu has calories by the side so that you can choose your food based on calories. I am there at least once a week when I feel the need to have bread. We usually don’t keep any bread at home 🙂 . I always end up picking the pick 2 menu with soup and half a sandwich which will end up under 500 calories depending on what you choose. I have also been loving their power green smoothie 😀 .

I think my body is slowly conditioning itself for low carbs since I don’t feel hungry much these days if I have just a cup of rice with rasam. I have been making green smoothies at home for breakfast with avocado, milk and power greens. They are so yummy and filling. Though I feel light, I am not losing weight. I think I need to exercise to lose weight 😦 and I am not happy about it.

Hubby got me Polar Loop for Valentine’s day since I was very interested in a fitness watch and I am still getting used to it. I never knew how little I walk after getting it. The steps section shows that I take about 4000 or less for the first 2 days and I was shocked 😯 since you are supposed to take 10,000 steps a day to be healthy. So I try to force myself not to sit in a place for a long time. Let’s see how it works out. Will try it out for a month and then will review it.

Other than this, nothing is happening, health wise. I hope that I will do some vigorous exercise at least twice a week for my body to lose weight 🙄 . Let’s see if I can do it.


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