Motherhood Tales : Teaching your toddler

I have always been crazy about books even from my childhood days. I remember looking at the comic book at an age of 5-6. I love the stories especially the graphic ones and it slowly evolved to novels and here I am, still obsessed about books. And I want my daughter to love books as well but alas she is not as obsessed about them as I am. Every time I go out, I tend to look at the kid’s book section. She liked some of them and most of them she didn’t care at all.

I have wanted to teach her about Indian Mythology, especially about Gods and Goddess. I want her to know about our religion and identify the gods and goddess but I have always thought that she is too young to teach about it. And yesterday some of my girlfriends were talking about these kind of books and they gave some good recommendations and I loved them all. I want to get those books and teach her. I want her to get the Amar Chitra Katha on Indian Mythology but that is just me talking and obsessing about it. I don’t know if she will be interested in it.

How do you make them interesting? maybe the stories or maybe the graphic will attract her first. I have found some good books on these subjects and want to get them for her and I hope she likes it πŸ™‚ .

Moving on to toddler news, she is in PreSchool now πŸ˜€ . I can’t believe how time flies and let’s not discuss about her talking. As usual she talks non-stop and in full sentences πŸ™‚ . I am over whelmed by her energy and by the end of the day I am way too tired to sit and write in my blog. And these days she is not even taking her naps in the afternoon 😦 . But today she is in her bed and I was in a mood to write πŸ™‚ . How do you deal with that kind of energy? she does love to color but in a whole page she just colors one little part and she is done with that page πŸ™„ and so we have a lot of papers around the house.

She has started choosing her own clothes these days πŸ™„ and don’t let me start about her wanting to wear particular dress all the time πŸ™„ . We usually have a fight in the mornings about the clothes. I miss those simple days when I chose everything for her πŸ˜† . She chooses what she wants to eat and shoes as well. She is obsessed about this one shoe and she wants to wear it all the time πŸ™„ . I dread the day when it gets too small for her.

She is also obsessed with necklaces πŸ˜† . She raided my collection and broke about 3 necklaces and then I started buying her some inexpensive ones like in the forever 21 or even claire’s. She wear it to school all the time and for the past week she has worn this necklace with a pink bow pendent πŸ˜€ . And moving on to her hair, she hates tying her hair 😦 and wants to leave it open all the time and it gets in her eyes. It just makes me crazy since I just want to tie her hair into ponytails.

I think I just have to stop the rants now πŸ˜† . Otherwise life is good. SheΒ lovesΒ her preschool. Its been just a week and she is still not sure about lot of kids in one class and since it’s a Montessori, they have different age kids. She is not sure about big kids πŸ™‚ .

P.S. Just wish I lose weight quickly. I think I am in that stubborn stage where I have been stuck in the same weight for about 6 weeks πŸ˜† . I have been lagging behind in the diet and fitness for the past 2 weeks. Just wasn’t in a mood so decided to take a break. That doesn’t mean I am pigging myself with junk instead I have been eating about nearly 2000 calories instead of 1400 😦 😳 . I am hoping to be on track from this monday. Wish me luck.


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