TV shows I am loving

Thanks to Netflix and Amazon videos, I love watching TV shows continuously. When I am not reading books , I go through marathon of TV shows till I am sick of it 🙂 . The shows I am enjoying at the moment are :

  • Leverage – Netflix has 5 seasons and I seriously love it. It’s like White collar show. It’s about bad guys doing some good with the help of a master mind.
  • Psych – Who doesn’t love this show? I think I watched this for the 2nd time. 6 Seasons baby 😀 .
  • The Big Bang Theory – I freaking love this show. I have 6 seasons of it and I love watching it again and again,
  • Murder She Wrote – I have watched this again recently. Thank god, Netflix has 12 seasons of it 😀 .
  • Ancient Aliens – Amazon Videos has this series and I am fascinated by it.
  • Veronica Mars – I was obsessed about this in January. Finished all 3 seasons in just 4 days.
  • Castle – I kinda like it. Romance and mystery.

And the not so loving TV shows are:

  • Hannibal – I hate it. ABSOLUTELY hate it. I can’t stand it. Half way through first episode, I felt sick 😦
  • Justified – Boring
  • The Glades – so so

So what are your favorites recently, Readers? Give me some suggestions and I will check it out.


One thought on “TV shows I am loving

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