Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Matte Red Lipstick

I went to Target today and was browsing the beauty section (naturally) 😀 . There are lot of clearance items in there. I think they are renovating their beauty section. Anyway, I was in the Sonia Kashuk section and what do I find? The Christmas limited edition set are still there and it is on clearance 😀 . I already got the eye palette with the full price during Christmas since I was scared that it will be all gone 🙄 . My eyes fell on the limited edition red lipstick and I knew that I had to have it 🙂 . You know me, I do like trying new red lipsticks. It was on clearance for about $7.68 (What’s with the 0.68 cents 🙄 )

The package is very attractive, cream with gold edging and the color is gorgeous. It is a deep red color, matte, absolutely no glossiness. It just glides on so smoothly and I certainly didn’t expect that from a matte lipstick. It looks perfect on the lips and it certainly brightens up my face 🙂 . I cannot see any patchy areas in my lips and I am in LOVE with this one. I think this is certainly going to be one of favorite lipsticks.

So if you are in the Target then definitely check this out. Even for a full price, It is certainly worth it.


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