Foundation I am Loving

I am not a fan of foundation since I make do with my concealer. But for special occasions I do apply foundation. Till now, I have struggled with finding my perfect color match in the foundation. It’s always a little bit too light on my face and I end up looking like person wearing a mask on her face. The I was watching other YouTube gurus and decided to try a color way off my skin color and what do you know? It looks perfect 😀 .

Story about my Skin

I have a dry combination skin and my face is paler than my neck and body which is a problem because I always tend to match my foundation for my face color 😦 . That has been the problem for me till I started matching the color on my neck. I see that most of the bloggers are of the medium skin type and I tend to choose colors based on what they use and sometime it doesn’t match at all 🙂 .

Moving on I have finally settled on these two foundation and they are great. Sometimes I mix them for a good color match.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

Color – Soft Beige, little bit pale on me

Finish – Dewy

Formula – It is good for my dry skin. Creamy. Glides perfectly.

Packaging – Simple glass bottle. Doesn’t have pump.

Price – $ 8 or so. But you always get offers in the drugstore.

Verdict – I just apply like a dot on my cheeks, forehead and chin and then blend together. It is a perfect formula but the color doesn’t match me. Rimmel caters to more of the pale skin rather than medium or dark skin. It doesn’t have a lot of color selection which makes it difficult to choose colors.

Top – Revlon Honey Beige ; Bottom – Rimmel Soft Beige

Revlon Age Defying Foundation

Color – Honey Beige. Looks perfect on me.

Finish – Dewy

Formula – Creamy. Glides perfectly. Not thick.

Packaging – Simple glass bottle. Doesn’t have pump.

Price – $11 or so. I got this in Big Lots for $3.50.

Verdict – I freaking love this foundation since it makes my face look very natural. From the bottle, you would think that it is way too dark but on my two toned skin, It looks natural. It just evens out my skin creating a perfect base. It even hides my acne scars so I don’t even need to apply concealer on top of it. It evens out my eye area since I have dark eye upper lids. I can’t say enough about this foundation and the color 🙂 . It will always be a staple in my collection.


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