Bare Minerals Go for the Glow Set

I think I got this last year, maybe during Christmas time. I really can’t remember when since I had this for a long time and let me say, you can’t beat the price for $10. I didn’t have any Bare Minerals products and I thought it was a fantastic time to try it. I got this Ulta. The reason for this purchase was the moxie lip gloss. I have heard good things about it and I really wanted to own one. No way was I going to pay $18 for just 1 lip gloss 🙄 .

The outer packaging is very attractive with the pictures of the product. It has a full-sized lip gloss which retails for about $18 and then 2 small-sized blush and all over face color. The small-sized product has about 0.02 oz which is seriously a lot, at least for me anyway. The products are:

  • Moxie Lip Gloss in Smooth Talker which is a peachy with gold shimmers.
  • Blush in Exhilarate which is a deeper rose shade
  • All over face color in Clear Radiance which give you a glowy look

I have used the lip gloss a lot because I love the tingly feeling it gives and I use it under a natural color lipstick especially my Milani lipstick in Pretty Natural. I love this combination. It gives this fabulous sheen to the lipstick. It is little bit sticky but not enough to stick your lips 🙂 . I have used the blush and radiance because I am not a fan of mineral powders on my face. I tend to look powdery or maybe it’s just that I don’t know how to use them properly 😀 .

From L to R : Smooth Talker, Clear Radiance, Exhilarate

Overall, Just for the lip gloss  I think the price is totally worth it. I hope they introduce just lip gloss set for Christmas this year. I will be all over it 😀 .


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