Skin Care for Winter

As I have told you before, I have a dry/combination skin. During winter, it gets so dry that i have dry patches on my face. Last year I researched for some good care and decided to try these two products. I got them in Sephora.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

I know this says mask but it is perfect for my dry skin during winter. It keeps it hydrated and my face looks good the next day. It retails for about $33 and it has about 3.4 oz of products and that is a lot of them. I still have little bit left over. After the winter, I use it when I feel like my face needs an extra moisture.

The best this about this product is the packaging. It is a squeeze tube which I love. I hate dipping my fingers into the jar since there is a change of cross contamination. It is a real thick product but not greasy. My skin absorbs the product quickly and I really like it.

My Verdict is that I am definitely going to stock this for my winter.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

I have read some good reviews and wanted to try this. This retails for about $25 for 2.5 oz and it comes in a pot which I am not a fan of. On a first glance, the consistency of the product looks like a thick petroleum jelly and it smells strongly of camphor. Camphor has lots of medicinal properties and I am not opposed to that smells but not everyone will like it. The consistency feel like a petroleum jelly but the ingredients doesn’t mention them. It is thick and when you apply it in the skin, it does take sometime to sink into your skin. It doesn’t feel greasy. Apparently it is a popular Japanese skin product and that is why I decided to try them.

I do like it but it is definitely is a deep treatment for my skin especially during December. I did use this at least once a week, I do feel that the products leaves a layer on the skin. It feels as if it is sitting on top of the skin after a small amount is absorbed by the skin. And I do feel the need to wash my face in the morning if I need to go out. It looks greasy by the morning. But I do like it. I have not even made a dent in this pot. I think this will last me for a long time.


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