Travelling to New York with a Preschooler

I have never wanted to travel to New York. I have this view of New York as seen on TV 🙂 (I know) . But when we wanted to meet some family and friends we decided to go and see it. I wasn’t crazy about the flight with Preschooler and if you don’t understand what that means, then let me give you a picture. Miss. A is an active girl who constantly is on the move or talking non-stop. She also gets bored very quickly and you can imagine how I was dreading the 4.5 hrs flight to NY.

On the Flight

On the day of our flight, I still had the feeling that I was forgetting something. We had to leave home by 8 and it was actually not bad. She was on her best behavior. We had our breakfast in the airport and once we were on the plane, she started asking questions non-stop and then she had some snacks and surprisingly she slept for an hour 😀 . The flight was very smooth and she was good. Once we reached New Jersey where we stayed with family, she was confused since she was still on the west coast time zone. East coast is 3 hrs ahead of us. We had dinner and then she went to sleep at about 10.30 pm.

Things I got for the flight

  • snacks (cheerios, graham crackers, grapes)
  • Story books
  • Coloring books
  • Crayons, markers, pencil, eraser

Going around NY

Since we stayed in NJ, we took the path trains to NY and then subways in the NY. I didn’t realize that it was getting expensive since you have to pay about $2.50 every trip. But the best thing about it is that you don’t have to pay for children under 4 yrs old 😎 . I just wish they had a day pass because they only had weekly pass. My advice is to get the metro card and refill whenever you want.

Talking about travelling with a preschooler, the best decision would be taking an umbrella stroller. We have a city mini but decided not to take it since it is big and we had to walk down the stairs most of the times in the subway. It is a bit heavy and it would have been difficult to travel up and down with it most of the time.

We also got Safe Rider travel seat for her and I found that it was the best decision ever, best money spent 😀 . It is a replacement for those big car seat. We knew that we would be travelling in the car for visiting friends and family so we decided to invest in these. They are so easy to carry and we just carried them in our hand luggage. But the problem is, she didn’t like it. She found it constraining and not able to move freely. But I thought it was a great idea instead of travelling with a bulky car seat.

Safe Rider

Miss. A didn’t like NY much. She was overwhelmed by the crowd. We did take her to some kid friendly places and she did like it. The places she enjoyed are

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • American Museum of Natural History (loved the dinosaur bones)
  • Bryant Park (loved the carousal)

As for her food, we took her to lot of Indian restaurants and she was happy with rice, idli’s and roti’s. We also went to lot of french bakeries and she did have lot of desserts.

At the end of the day, it was an experience but I don’t think we would repeat that experience again. She was tired most of the nights and she was cranky about the time change and she didn’t have 11 hrs of sleep every day. But maybe next time I would plan it better. We didn’t visit most of the places and I really wanted to take her to the Central park but we were so tired.

I hope some of you readers with kids learn something from this article. At the end of the day, if our kids are happy then we will be happy as well. So take whatever is necessary to try to keep them happy.


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