Loreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe

With all the eye shadows in my collection, you begin to wonder, Need I more? I use them barely once a month and I have so many in my collection that I seriously don’t need any more of them. But then you read your favorite blogs and there it is, an article where they are obsessed by some product and of course you decided that you need them in your collection. Leave alone that you will have an exact dupe in your collection but it is not this exact product. You begin to talk your self out of it by telling yourself that you actually don’t need it. But then you see the drugstore ad of 40% off on that brand. Still you resist, I really don’t need it. But on a weak moment, you enter the drugstore and you still resist buying the product. But when you look at the product and then you begin to convince yourself. Come on, it’s 40% off, I can never get that exact price, “EVER” 🙄 . Yes, and that is how I ended up buying this product 🙂 .

Moving on, This is one of the popular eye shadows of Loreal. I got the color Bronzed Taupe and it is a lovely metallic taupe color with a slight bronze effect. Taupe is described as Brownish grey. And it is a lovely color. The packaging is one of the things which attracted me. The color of the product can be seen at the back of the package. The product is a mineral loose shadow but they are jam-packed in the pot that it looks like a creamy shadow. When you open the lid, it had a cover to protect the loose product. I remember that I hated the loose products because as soon as you open them, It goes everywhere since they are finely milled.

Overall, I do like this product but somehow I am not reaching for this product and also with my dark eyelids, it almost looks like a dark color with a sheen on it. But I do like the color.


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