For the love of Planner

I have been on the hunt for a perfect life planner where you can manage your life, home and blogs in a same place. I have lost the art of writing with pens since I became obsessed with gadgets and smartphones. You never miss the paper until you are forced to deal with a paper and you realize that your handwriting is worst than a school kid 😦 . I wanted to get back to writing in paper and that is why I started researching about planner. I like the idea of writing everything I want to do. They say that if you write it down, you are more likely to follow it. I want a nice binder where I can print the pages I want. I started researching about it and realized that it is expensive. The ones which I like are super expensive or if its cheap, its heavy and bulky.

There are a lot of different types of life planners out there and every one has a drawback for me. The most popular ones are:

Erin Condren – expensive, like $55 and they are spiral bound meaning you can’t add any pages to it

Filofax – Super expensive. $60 for just the binder and you have to order the printables for like $20 or so. But if you want to print it yourself then you need a new puncher. A5 paper, printer compatable with A5 paper, printables for it. So that will be another $40 or so πŸ™„ . If youΒ check their website, for a nice binder you can spend upto $125 . Seriously, until I am a millionaire, I am not going to buy something that expensive.

Franklin covery – Same story. Expensive binder with a 6 ring or discbound which requires separate punches which costs about $40.

By the time I set up the planner, I would have spent about $200. But let’s not forget the accessories, the fancy pens, the post its, etc. After researching about it, I just cringed at the thought of spending that much money on just a planner. I have never even purchased a dress which is that expensive. I also browsed the ready-made planner sections in Target, Staples and Office Max and all I felt was *meh* . I am the kind of person who likes some thing new every few months and I thought if I could print my own then at least I could change the printables to spice up my planner πŸ˜€ .

Can you believe that it took me a whole 2 weeks to just gather all the information and let’s not forget that I was super obsessive about it, went to all the shops to check for other options and price options. It drove me crazy because I just couldn’t find the right option. The best I could think of is that a five star binder which I at least can bend like a spiral notebook while writing on it. And I also had to get a thick printer paper like a 24 lb one which will be thick enough that I can print it on both sides. But will it work, I still have to decide. I also have a blog section where I plan about the articles and much more for my blogs and I like it.

So maybe I will try to make it work for a month or two and then write a review on what worked for me. I have several printouts which I am exited about. Do you have a system like this? what kind of planner do you use and what works for you? Tell me about it.


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