Milani Baked Blush in Bella Rosa

The blush I am loving for the past 6 months is baked blushes. These give such a sheen to your cheeks that it almost looks natural and glowing which I love. It is easy to blend and gives of fantastic color payoff. The affordable blushes which I had my eye on is the Milani brand. They surprised me with their products. The drugstore brands has stepped up way much compared to the high-end brands. With brands like these, I don’t miss buying high-end brand at all and I don’t even tempted to buy them.

I had my eye on Milani Baked blushes for a long time. They retail for about $8.50 or so depending on the place. Though all the blushes looks beautiful, this color Bella Rosa caught my simply because they were matte blushes. And I don’t have this bright color in my collection. I watched swatches and reviews online and finally decided to go for this color. This is a deep pink with a hint of red in it. The color payoff is amazing. The packaging is simple with a gold plastic.

Left : Single Swatch Right : Blended Swatch

The color is very bold so you have to use a very light hand. The way I use it is with a stippling brush and then blend it with a clean brush. You have this beautiful pink color in your cheeks. It looks like you just went outside in the cold. It looks natural on my skin and I freaking love it. 😀 . Overall, you definitely need this in your collection especially the medium skin tone or darker skin toned ladies.


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