Yay, It’s the Month of Sickness

What is it about December that everyone keeps falling sick? I was thinking in the beginning of November that we were lucky not to get sick and lo behold, Anya got sick by 29th of November 🙄 . This was not the 48 hour sickness, this was a full-blown flu with 5 day fever, nose block and chesty cough. We barely slept 4 hours every day and with a cranky preschooler, it was a tough week. And by 3rd of December, hubby and me were getting sick as well. I had a head cold which is basically nose block with dry cough and headache for about 4 days.

It was tough with all of us being sick. I thought I was getting better but by 11th night, I was worse. I had wheezing and dry cough. It had gotten so bad on 12th night that I couldn’t even talk because I was basically wheezing and coughing. I had lost my voice. By this time, I was basically living on hot herbal teas. I have lost my taste buds so I was just eating for the sake of eating. I had to call the doctor but could get appointment only on 15th. So I just barely made it through that day.

On examination, the doctor told me that I have a mild asthma 😦 and she prescribed an inhaler and antibiotics. After just 2 doses of inhaler, I felt much better. Finally after 5 days of antibiotics and inhaler, I slept the night 🙂 . I have to say that it was a tough 3 weeks for me. I didn’t feel like doing anything. I was tired and hungry and definitely wasn’t in a mood to write an article. Finally I am feeling better this week since I am sleeping though the night. I feel as if December just flew by very quickly. It’s almost end of 2014. Does anybody else feel that 2014 went very quickly?

On the other note, I haven’t done any fitness for almost 5 weeks 😦 and I feel really guilty about it. I do force myself to do some fitness at least 2 times a week. And now I have to start again 😥 . Have I told you all that I have started volunteering in a pet shelter 😀 . I will dedicate a whole article for it in the near future. I really love doing it.

Merry Christmas my lovely Readers. Hope you all enjoy your holidays with your family and friends.


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