Gratitude Challenge Week 1

Why Start this Challenge?

Did you realize how often we complain about our life? I do this all the time and suddenly we have become this negative person in our life. We expect everything to end up in failure. We become pessimist very quickly. I didn’t realize I was this person until I began to think that I am never grateful for what I have.

This year I want to become a positive person and leave all the negativity behind. Is it possible? I don’t know but I can always give it a try. So I decided to join the gratitude challenge. I decided to try to be grateful for What I have? It did sound interesting. I may not be able to cover all the topics in the challenge but I will find my own topic to be grateful for.

I have been into reading these self-help books for a few months and I decided to do something about it. Will this change my life? I don’t know but I do want to try it and see. It might be interesting to see what I am feeling on that particular moment when I am writing.

What about you readers? What are you grateful for?


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