Volunteering for my favorite cause

Yes, I have volunteered for the past 3 months. I do think I have mentioned this one in my blog but I haven’t talked about it. After several months of researching and doubting if I could do it or not? I finally applied for volunteering at one of the Pet Shelter nearest to my home which is the Homeward Pet ShelterΒ in Woodinville. It is a no-kill non-profit animal shelter.

After 3 months, I got the email for their orientation. I also had to attend the cat care training before I start my volunteer. I wasn’t sure during this time. I was worried that I might get attached to some cats and that will be a problem because I will worry about them all the time. My job is mostly cat care which is taking care of the cats in the shelter.

On the first day, I was mentored by a very lovely lady who has volunteered there for more than 7 years. It was basically a day-to-day care of the cats. Feed them, clean their cages, clean the litter, change the bedding if necessary and play with them. It took me 2 times to get used the routines there but then I started loving it. The important point is the cats. I LOVE them (as if you all don’t know). I see a lot of breeds and different ages. I love them all. There are some quiet and shy ones, and when they start blooming under your watch, that is the gift you get. And when they get adopted you get so happy about it.

It has been 3 months and I do love it. It is just 3 hours/week and I do have lots of time in my hand πŸ˜€ . I feel that I am accomplishing something. After so many years, I finally realized that maybe I am not meant to work. After lot of job searches and disappointment, I begin to accept the fact. So to occupy my time, I wanted to do something. And this gives me some purpose.

And yes, you do want to bring every cats to your home πŸ˜€ but I resist πŸ™„ . There was this one kitten during my 2nd week, he was a Siamese kitten, He was gorgeous, I was seriously tempted to bring him home. I wanted to squish him πŸ˜€ . But alas, I decided to ditch that idea. Hubby told me that it was just my 2nd week, if this continues we would be called the cat lady house since I would be bringing all the cute cats from the shelter 😳 .

And that my readers is what I have done. I really like the volunteering and hope to continue it for a long time.


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