Gratitude Challenge Week 2


This week’s topic is Spouse. I am definitely grateful for my Spouse. You hear a lot of complaints and bad stories about bad spouse and after hearing about them, I am definitely grateful for mine. He is a wonderful father and husband. I think he is my soul mate. That does not mean we don’t fight, we definitely do but it more superficial for little things. Somehow our ideas are same and our tastes are same as well.

He is the ying to my yang. I am more impulsive where as he is a thoughtful person. I tend to obsess about lot of things where as he is very casual. Maybe that is why we get along well. When I see him as a father, I am definitely more grateful. He is a hands-on Dad. He cared for our daughter when we came back from the hospital. I think that’s why my daughter is more of a daddy’s girl 🙂 . He is more patient with her and when you see him showing his nails so that our daughter can paint his nails is the time I realized I love him more now.

Yes, I am definitely grateful for him, for supporting me in all my crazy ideas, for not saying anything when I do some impulse purchases, for being patient with me and loving me 🙂 .


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