2 weeks of absence..

Hello Readers,

You might be wondering what is happening with me and Why am I not posting anything in my blog. The answer to that is VACATION 😀 . Yup, we had a lovely break and went to India for 2 weeks. Didn’t realize how little 2 weeks would be 😦 . I had this idea of blogging from India but didn’t imagine the jet lag for a week or even SLOW internet. OMG, it was slow. We actually don’t realize how spoiled we are with our fast internet. I was dreading checking my mail or even Facebook. It felt like it took forever but sometime the Internet wasn’t so bad.

The plane was tiring because of a bored Preschooler 🙄 . Yup, She was talking non-stop and all I wanted was a quiet time 🙂 . The jet lag was crazy. It took us almost a week to get back to routine sleep. We also celebrated out daughter’s 4th Birthday with her grandparents and relatives. She was super excited about her birthday cake. It had a Frozen picture and I didn’t realize that they don’t do this in USA for copyright issues. But Thank God, they do that in India 😀 .

With the Jet lag and busy 2 weeks, I wasn’t in a mood to blog from there and let me tell you, for blogging, I do need a quiet time for me to concentrate and that is so not happening with a preschooler running around all the time. So I just dropped the idea of forcing myself to write an article. FYI, I know that I am behind on my Gratitude challenge so I am just going to cover all the week I missed by next week. I think its going to be a week of Gratitude article next week 😀 .

I do have some lovely idea of the article and I did take some pictures before I left for the vacation. So look forward to that. On the other note, after we returned from our vacation, Guess what happened? Yup, got SICK. The same head cold with slight asthma I got in December 😦 . I absolutely hate it. I am physically tired but mentally bored and that is a worse combination. I want to go out but just don’t have the energy to do so. With every 4 hours of my inhaler and 6 hour of nose drops, I am wishing that I could sleep away my sickness 🙂 .

That is the reason for my absence. I know that I told you guys that I would be regular. But come on, You have to give me a break if I am sick 🙂 . So hoping that I will regularly post articles from next week.


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