Gratitude Challenge Week 4

Week 4 is a family member. I am going to talk about a family member who I admire the most. That family member is Gosh Patti (Grandma). She is the first family member who fascinated me. She is my Dad’s Aunt (married to his uncle and not blood related). She was married into a family of very old-fashioned people and went on a world trip with her husband who was a doctor by profession. I used to listen to her stories about her trip and what difficulties she faced there. She has these amazing stories. She used to live in UK until her husband passed away and she came back to settle in Bombay.

She lived alone and she was a fantastic cook. I was fascinated by her cookbook collections since she used to collect from all her travels. She loved cooking. I think that is the first time in my life that cooking interested me. She used to have this pasta machine and as a south Indian whose mom doesn’t cook much of other type of food, I was enthralled by it. She used to have different types of pickle in her house, eggplant, cauliflower, etc which I have never heard of.

Coming from an orthodox traditional family to living an independent women who has her own catering business, I was fascinated by her. I am totally grateful that she made me interested in the food. She is the reason I start collection cookbook. I still envy her collection. I am also grateful that she taught me that a woman can be independent. She has an amazing home and I was always awed by her decor’s. I wanted to be like her, to not to depend on anybody and to be confident.

I am definitely grateful for having met her in my life, even though I have met her barely 10 times in my life. She is still the one person I admire the most.


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