Gratitude Challenge Week 5

Week 5 topic is Something Someone Gave You. I am going to go with something which I treasure. The first thing I could think of is the cards, letters and text sent to me by my hubby. This was during our engagement period when he lived in Dublin and I lived in Chennai. He used to send me a text all the time and he even jokes now about how much he spent in the phone bill during those time. He sent me letters and cards and I still have them. I saved them because they remind of those precious days where it was all about getting to know each other stage.

I have saved all his text and by that I mean I used to type all his text in the word document everyday πŸ˜€ . Yup, I did that πŸ˜€ . I still treasure all his letter and he seriously is a good writer. His letters and texts always made me smile. Ours was an arranged marriage and I could honestly say that I wasn’t expecting this kind of romantic period. I always think of this time as hubby wooing me. I remember him sending me huge bouquet of red roses for our first Valentine’s day (before marriage) which my brother teased me about πŸ™‚ . On my birthday, he sent me this huge box of essential oils which started my obsession of them.

I am definitely grateful for all those texts, cards and letter because it showed me how romantic my hubby could be. I am definitely grateful for those period which showed me that he will definitely treasure me.


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