Gratitude Challenge Week 6

Week 6 topic is the city you live in and so I am going to talk about Seattle. I know that some of my friends do not like living in a city which rains Storm cloud  a lot but as for me, I don’t mind. I am so grateful for my city and the first reason is that it almost never SNOWS Open-mouthed smile . After living in Ireland for 6 years, I am used to the gloomy dark weather and rain. I was not going to do well in a city with either too much sun or snow. And if you don’t know, I absolutely HATE snow. The reason we moved to Seattle is that it barely has 2 days of light snow a year. I can’t stand the cold. My extremities get cold in winter and I hate that. I also don’t do well in extreme heat. So Seattle suits me with 3 months of perfect Summer and the rest of the year mostly rain, I am ok with it.

I am grateful that Seattle has lot of interesting places to see. I love that you can travel to the next state in just 3 hours. We love driving Auto to Oregon and Canada in summer. We travel there every summer and they are beautiful. I love Oregon coast and they are one my favorite place. I love that this city is multi-cultural and that why you can get multi cuisine Plate here. And I love that everybody are nice and not rude like people in New York (and yes, I think people in NY are rude) . I love that there are lot of Indian out here, Indian shops and Temple. I also am grateful that I have lot of option for my daughter to learn our Indian culture. I am grateful to this city for giving me some fabulous Friends.

And Finally, I am grateful that Seattle has been good to us Red heart.


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