Gratitude Challenge Week 7

Week 7 topic is a Friend. I have made lot of friends in my life but I will talk about a Friend who made a difference in my life. I always found it hard to make new friends. I am not the person who goes and talk to a stranger but if they talk to me then I will talk. I have always been an Introvert. I have always preferred books to going out and making friends during my childhood. I met this friend Princess in college and we were classmates. Before I take them into my friend circle I always observe people to see if I will get along with them. We were just classmates during our first year but then I sort of gravitate towards her and the main reason was her personality. She is one of the genuinely nicest person I have ever met and she was very helpful.

I have always trusted my instinct. I had these feeling that some friends just use you and then just ignore you. I hate those kind of person. Suddenly they call you after months just because they need something from you. I don’t encourage those kind of people. If you have met lot of people then you understand that getting along with a person is very tough, at least for me, due to the demands they make on us. I don’t want to call them every day to ask what they ate or meet them everyday. If we don’t have anything in common then I don’t have to talk to you. If we have very less things in common then maybe talking or texting once a week is more than enough (for me).

During my college days, I was just a quiet, shy person who just smiled at everyone. I was an average student, studying only when I have to study. This friend helped me a lot with my studies and I should probably say that she is one of the reason I didn’t fail in my college In love. I used to go to her house to study and meeting her family changed me. Everyone in their family was genuinely nice. I LOVED going to her house. Her father was the softest spoken person I have ever met in my life and I have a great respect for him. Being her friend changed me to a better person and gave me more confidence in me. Everyone in her family was very encouraging to me. Even now when we talk to each other our conversation just flows, it’s as if we have been talking every day. But since she is in the west coast and I am in the east coast and she is a working mom, we rarely get time to talk. I would say maybe twice a year but I look forward talking to her.

We just got along well together and that is a very rare thing. I do have lot of friends but having a best friend is rare and I think everyone can understand it. I think she is the type who will make her friends feel that they are her best friend and that is a fantastic quality. I am GRATEFUL Red rosefor meeting her in my life.


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