Gratitude Challenge Week 8

Week 8 topic is expressing gratitude to 3 people. I want to thank someone whom I haven’t mentioned in my gratitude challenge and I hope I can do that for this year’s challenge Smile. The 3 people who I want to express my gratitude are the friends who were there for me during my transition from a single woman to a married woman in a strange new country. I am talking about someone who were there for me when I moved to Dublin. Moving to a new country was difficult for me because everything is new but these 3 people made me comfortable and I was very fortunate in that.

The 3 people I am talking about are,

Tapas – She was my neighbor in Navan and those first few months of my first year, she was my anchor and kept me from going stir crazy. Our afternoon teas, gossips and her mom’s paratha’s are some of the few memories which I cherish the most.

Deepthi – She was a shopaholic, just like me and I loved going out with her. And one of my most memorable time with her was our vacation together in France and Spain Open-mouthed smile . We certainly had a blast. And I won’t ever forget our trip to Monte Carlo and the Gucci store where she kept trying on clothes which were about 2500 Euros In love. We got along together so well and had fun on all those trips.

Leena – She is the first Tamilian I met in Ireland and she is such a sweetheart. She was a great cook and one of the people I visit whenever I miss talking in Tamil. She made me feel so comfortable in a strange new country.

Did you know that Tapas, Deepthi and my husband’s name are the same Laughing out loud. Whenever we are together, we used to say “my (hubby’s name) said that” and all the other ladies used to tease us about it. That is certainly one of my memorable times in Dublin. As an introvert, I find it difficult to make new friends but these 3 people made me feel as if I knew them forever. Somehow we just got along together very well. I will always cherish the memories with them.


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