Gratitude Challenge Week 9

Week 9 Topic is How did you feel? I didn’t know what the topic meant, but I will take it in the context of how did I feel on my first day of seeing the pet shelter. My biggest fear before volunteering in the pet shelter was that I will get upset when I see the cats in the cage. I agree, the one thing I can’t digest or get over is animal abuse or animals in need. I feel guilty and worry about them. And that is the reason I don’t read news because bad news upsets me. I am sensitive and I can’t watch anybody suffer Sad smile. On my first day of my volunteering, I was learning the routines and things to do. I realized that the cats there are being treated good because of the kind and worried volunteer 24/7 . They are not suffering and the people are looking out for them.

It certainly made me feel better to see how experienced volunteers are spending a lot of time with the shy and scared cats. They will talk to them and cajole them to eat. They spend nearly 40 minutes with them to let them know that they are going to be ok. And when the shy ones get adopted, the accomplishment you feel is so high. We get so happy when we find the cats/kittens adopted. You see lot of these shy ones in the shelter and I do worry about them when I get home. I somehow get attached to them.

Recently I have been worrying about 2 cats in the shelter. One of them is a kitten named Prudence Cat face, who is 6 months old. She has black and white marking. When she came to the shelter, she was hurt in the tail. The vet believed that her tail had  been run over by a vehicle  Sad smile and to see her in the cage in page and growling at everyone, I had this sick feeling and worried about her. She didn’t eat and was in pain a lot. Finally the vet decided to amputate the tail and it took her 2 weeks with a cone around her head and now she is the sweetest kitten ever. All the volunteers in my shift just can’t get enough of her and we all worry about her. Hopefully in a week or two she will get adopted to lovely people. And the second cat from this week is Jack Cat face. He is a one eyed adult with the sweetest nature. He is so affectionate and a lap kitty. I am in love with him. I just worry with his one eye that he is ok with climbing in his cage but he reminded me so much of my kittens. I seriously hope that he gets adopted this week.

After reading their stories, I hope you realize how tough it is for me to leave them there. I just want to take them home and care for them forever. There are so many shy, older cats in the shelter and they worry me because I want their old age to be spend in a content home rather than in a small cage. I worry about each and every one of the older ones because they don’t get adopted quickly. I just console myself saying that there are lot of people out there who will give a loving home to these cats. We always hope that the problem cats will be adopted too.

I feel both accomplished and worried by the time I come home. And somehow I hope that I will keep doing this for a long time Fingers crossed.


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