Wet n Wild Mega last Lip Color

I didn’t realize that I haven’t been doing reviews for a long time and I think its time to do just that. I am going to start with one of my favorite lip sticks in the drugstore. It is very inexpensive and they are fabulous. If I am stuck in an Island with just 1 beauty item, then it would definitely be a lipstick. I have always been a lipstick person. These lipsticks retail for about $1.99 and they are very pigmented. They are opaque and apply very smoothly on your lips. They do appear to be semi-matte which I love. They have a lot of color range which will suit a fair skin to deep skin tone.

The formula is consistently good in these lipsticks. You can easily find some color which will your skin tone. The colors which I have in my collection are:

903C – Just Peachy. It is popular with the fair skin tone ladies. It is a gorgeous peach color. But with my skin tone it kind of looks like a pastel peach in my lips.

905D – Smoking Hot Pink. It is a fabulous hot pink and I LOVE this color. It is fantastic on a makeup less day. The color brightens up my face. It is a perfect match for my skin tone and Yes, it is a bright color.

906D – Wine Room. It is a mauve color and a subtle color. I do love this color as well.

There are shades of reds, oranges and pinks in these collection and they all look fabulous. The only downside I could think of is that if your lips are dry then it can emphasize when you apply this lipstick. The solution is applying a light lip balm before this lipstick. Overall, you definitely need these in your collection.

From T to B – Wine Room, Smoking Hot Pink, Just Peachy


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