Gratitude Challenge Week 14

Week 14 topic is A Talent you have. I found it difficult to find something to write about Open-mouthed smile. I finally decided on “Baking”. I love to bake and I have tried lot of recipes, some disasters Laughing out loud and some not Thumbs up. I enjoy baking and looking for recipes to try is one of my favorite things to do. FYI, I have never gone into the kitchen before my marriage so cooking basically started after marriage and it started with recipe books which I love collecting.

Baking just happened and I realized that I was really good at it. Though, I have never tried decorating a cake. I don’t like the icing just the cake Open-mouthed smile. One of my favorite recipe is the cinnamon rolls In love. They were so soft and just melted in the mouth. I love baking cakes a lot. I am not a fan of cookies but I did try the sweet and the salty variety. And the downside is eating the whole cake by yourself Disappointed smile and feeling guilty about it. Ah Well, that why I usually bake a cake just once or twice a month.


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