A year with my Polar Loop Activity Tracker

In this world of never-ending new activity trackers, this is one of the many. And you are wondering why I chose this one instead of the others. The reason is because it has H7 heart rate monitor which you can connect. Both of them retails for about $137 and it is a pretty good deal. On another note, they have different color bands now 😦 and  when I got them, they only had black. I want the misty blue color .

[amazon template=iframe image&asin=B00JF7B4YA]

Lets begin, Last February I was researching about activity trackers because I wanted to check my daily steps. And the extras being how much I slept but the main reason I LOVE my Polar Loop activity tracker is because when I exercise, I know exactly how much calories I lost. Instead of the GPS apps, which just assumes my heart rate and calculates the calories I lost.

After a year, It still looks new.

It’s been a year and I have worn it everyday and I almost forget that it’s there. I love to see how much steps I have taken everyday. Let’s get real here, I am not saying that I am walking 10,000 steps everyday, more like 5000 steps on average . The website of Polar is pretty simple outlay on how much time I was standing, sitting or sleeping. It gives you graph and tell you how much miles you have walked.

On the other note, they have daily goals in their website and I absolutely hate it  . And the reason being, I never seem to complete my daily goals. I think in a year of my polar loop, I have completed them only 4 times  . I have tried completing 10,000 steps or doing fitness but at the most I only complete about 85% at the most. I don’t know how it is calculating but it’s very annoying and I stopped looking at it.

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

It is a simple watch which feels like silicone. I have had this for a year and I still haven’t gotten any marks on it. The Monitor is simple and it has a button to switch it on and off. You have the necessary lists to keep an eye on and it says waterproof. I haven’t tested it out exactly but I do wash my hands while wearing it and if there is water droplets on it, I just wipe it off. so far, no damage.

H7 Heart Rate Monitor

The fact that it connects to the polar loop and shows the heart rate is a major point for me especially if you are keeping on the heart rate during your exercise. You have to wear it in the chest so that it picks up the heart rate and it seems comfortable. It will be prefect for a devout fitness people.


  • Inactive alert – it alerts you to get up and move if you are sitting for more than an hour.
  • Digital display – easy to keep an eye on the number of steps.
  • Can be fit to your size – It come in one size and you can cut them into your size.
  • H7 heart rate monitor connects directly to the Polar Loop.


  • No GPS if you are going out on a trail
  • You have to wear the heart rate monitor if you need to know the exact details of heart rate and calories.
  • Apps is not so good.
  • Website still needs more option
  • Daily Goals – It is tough to finish a daily goal and I don’t know how it is calculating.

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