Confessions of a Book Lover

As you all know that I am a hardcore book reader and book lover . I love reading books. I have always been like this. It started with comics in early school days and followed by Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys in my early Teens. Then in my late Teens I was reading Mills & Boon, Harlequin and Silhouette.

I think I loved the fact that it is a different world in the books. During my college days I started reading Historical Novels and some mystery novels. But somehow I always tend to move to the romantic novels and the reason is because it’s a light read and you always know that it has a happy ending. I am not a person who is into reading deep stuffs like autobiography or war stuffs. It just bores the heck out of me.

I want to read something light and something funny. If I read something too deep like once I read a story about a widow finding that her husband has another family. The whole book was deeply emotional and though it was a good book, it made me feel depressed the whole week. I kept thinking about it and I was heartbroken for her and I certainly didn’t like feeling like that .

I discovered Paranormal books in 2007 and there in started my obsession about the genre. The reason why I am fascinated by it is the imagination of the author. I think they are brilliant. And every author has a different imagination and some are over the top like the Lord of the Rings . Seriously I have not read that book and nor Harry Potter. I tried reading Harry Potter and by page 2 I was over it .

And one of my pet peeve is making a movie out of the book. They are never the same and I hate that. They take away half of the scene and I swear 98% of the time, the hero and heroine never looks the same as your imagination. The movie just kills the books for me.

I am so grateful that I moved to the wonders of ebook . I LOVE my ebook reader and I have 3 readers and one of them is not working properly. My first one was Nook Color Ebook Reader for my 2011 birthday and I absolutely adore it. I love the fact that I can add an SD card and I can load my own ebooks in it. I got my 2nd Nook (Black & White) for Mother’s Day in 2014. I used this to store my favorite ebooks. I sometimes read my favorite ones again and again .

And I got my third ebook reader in the form of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 7.0 because the Nook Black & white has gotten slower and it takes at least 10 seconds to turn a page. So I needed a new reader to store my favorite ebooks. I will review it soon.

I have been using Good Reads for the past 4 years and I love them. It is a great platform to keep track on all the books you have read and the books you want to read too. I have made some good friends there whom I have never met but have the same taste in books as me  . I love their recommendations.

Even though I moved to ebooks, I still love paperbacks. I usually get some books from the library mainly non-fiction ones. I want my daughter to love books like I do but I guess it’s still early days because she is not into books like me.

On the fun note, If I sing a song it will be

It’s raining Books, Hallelujah It’s raining Books

 My dream house would have a library and a window sill seating and it will also have a huge desk where I will have my planner stuffs. And of course, it will have a pin code to enter the room and sound proof . Well, I can dream, can I??


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