Motherhood Tales – Going Crazy

It’s been so long since I have written in this series. I think it’s almost a year since I wrote something about my crazy life with a preschooler. In a year, she has changed a lot, starting with her vocabularies, height, annoying me , etc. Her vocabulary has increased beyond compare. She is using “actually” and “properly” a lot. She has learnt a lot from her preschool and she has also learnt to be mean  as well. She has started saying mean things to us if we don’t do what she says. We have told her that it is rude but I don’t know, Let’s see if she will learn.

Moving on to her height, She had a sudden growth spurt last December. I think she is skipping her 4T clothes . She is a skinny little girl so her tops and t-shirts still fits her but the problem is with her pants. She doesn’t like to wear Jeans. She only wants to wear leggings or to be exact, she wants an elastic hips in her pants. But since her growth spurt, her pant ends about 5 inches above her ankles . Seriously, I can’t get her 5T because the hips won’t fit her and so she ends up wearing her pants and Thank God, it’s summer, everyone can think Its’s a capri .

Do you think that they learn how to annoy the parents in school? I swear to God, She has gotten a lot annoying. I think she realizes our breaking point and does that again and again. Since she says “Please”, she expects us to give her whatever she wants and if we don’t, the tantrum starts . I am normally good with ignoring her when she is in that kind of mood but after hearing 15 minutes of her screaming, I am at a breaking point. Once she is in her tantrum mood, she starts being mean to the kitties  which I don’t tolerate and that is my breaking point.

But other than that she is a good kid. She is a well-behaved kid when she is outside. She also knows what she wants and most of the time she gets it. Her eating habits haven’t improved but her doctor said she doesn’t have complains about her health. She is still a small eater and loves Indian food. We always try to restrict her TV times to 1-2 hours a day and on the weekends, we try to take her out.

Since it’s summer, we try to take her out every weekend. We have lots of plans this summer starting with camping, zoo, parks, beach and safari. She loves going to park and  beach. She is crazy about water play so we started taking her to the pool. And She loves her planning time with her mommy . We both sit and play with our planner. I even got her an inexpensive planner .

Most of the fault is probably in me because I don’t have much patience in riding through her tantrums. I find that I like her following my rules and if doesn’t then it makes me go crazy as well. When I mean rules, I mean for example, cleaning up the toys or even cleaning up after all the art and craft stuffs she does. It does drives me nuts when I see bits and pieces of paper all around the house once she finished her paper cutting project  .

Well, I guess that is the crazy things going on in this mother’s life. I don’t know how mother’s manage 3-4 kids. Hats off to them, I am in awe of their patience and coolness in riding the tantrum. I have seen such cool mom when I am out and I am just in awe of them. Kudos ladies. What kind of mother are you? Tell me readers.


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