Gratitude Challenge Week 25

Week 25 topic is Education.

I am definitely grateful for my Education. Education plays an important part in our Asian Indian Culture and every child is brought up to believe that with Education you can achieve anything.

I am grateful for my parents that they were able to spend for my education. I know that I am not using that education right now but I am still grateful for the education I had. I have seen a lot of illiteracy in India for me to be grateful for my parents.

You don’t realize how many Americans are struggling to pay for their education and they are striving hard to pay their student loans after their education. They work part time when they study and goes through lot of hardship to get their degrees. I am extremely grateful that I don’t have any student loans to pay back. I am also grateful for my hubby who supported me when I was studying in Dublin. I used up all my saving money for the college and I am grateful that he was very encouraging to go back to college when I had many doubts.

Remember Education always helps in your life. Very few people succeed in life without education.


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