Barry M Lipstick in TMLP 306

Barry M is an UK brand and one of the things I miss about living in Dublin. I love their pigments and their colors are quite beautiful. I had this lipstick for more than a year and this is one of my favorite lipstick ever. I have a list of things to get in UK and this was in my list for a long time. I got this in the Dubai Airport in Boots (Man, I miss that shop) for about $9. I know that is little bit on the expensive side but I really REALLY wanted it. When I first saw this in Boots, I couldn’t control this stupid smile on my face  and then I heard ting , Didn’t I have this in my list? And so of course, I HAD to get it, right?

This, my readers, is the Touch of Magic by Barry M where it looks like a green lipstick but it applies pink in your lips and it changes color according to the pH of your lips. I had a similar lipstick during my college days where in the tube it looked like a translucent yellow and it applies pink on your lips. I used it all the time and when I moved to Dublin, I completely forgot about it since I haven’t seen something like this in that country. But when I saw this advertisement of Barry M, I had to have this.

The formula is like applying a tinted lip balm, not like the Burt’s Bee one but more like a Revlon Lip Butter. When you apply it, it looks like a very light tinted lip balm but within 5 minutes it gets darker and I think it is one of the lipstick which suits my skin tone. It stains your lips and the stain stays for a long time. It makes my face looks brighter and looks fresh. It is best for those days where you don’t want to apply lipstick. I also found that if I apply my Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 17 which is a pale peach on top of this, it give out this beautiful apricot color which actually suits my skin tone.

Though, I LOVE this lipstick, I use them sparingly because I cannot get this in USA. I cannot think of any CON for this lipstick.  I think this is a must have in your makeup collection. At least for me, this is definitely a must in my makeup bag. What do you think? Do you have any lipstick that you can’t live without?


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