Changes in Summer 2015

Summer is getting hotter and hotter in Seattle. It’s 75 degrees and I am feeling so hot sitting at home. I thinking I am having a writer’s block since I just don’t feel like writing anything, words just fail me. But I do want to continue with my blog. I do like blogging and wish I have more things to talk about. Life is certainly getting interesting this summer.

I got a new fitness tracker. After using my Polar Loop for almost 18 months, I think I needed a change. I always had my eye on the fitbit and finally I got my hands on the Fitbit Charge HR with the heart rate monitor in the watch. It certainly looks cute enough  and I am in love with the fitbit app. I love that they give you badges if you finish a goal. So it’s like a game, you just want to keep getting more badges. I love the plum color and the display screen. I will do a detailed review soon. It’s been a week and I already love it.

The next change is my obsession which is the planner and planner accessories. I have the feeling that I end up getting lot of planner stuffs but I don’t have the creative mind to know how to use them. I think I have spent a lot of money on the accessories (LOT) and I want to do something about it. So I decided to do some thing creative. I have started to do some water coloring. It’s been ages since I tried my hands on sketching and colors and It is definitely not like riding a bicycle. I had to learn lot of things again. But I am enjoying doing this.

My final and most important change is that I have joined the NaNoWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month which happens in November and they are having a July NaNoWriMo challenge and I have decided to join it. After some encouragement from my friends, I have decided to give it a try. I chose this July contest because I can choose how many words I can write. I am totally terrified. I have researched for months about writing and decided to give it a try. I don’t know how I am going to do but this is a good platform for all the newbie writers. I just want to know if I can do it. Who knows, I could be the worst writer ever but I still want to try it to see if I am any good.

This July contest I have chosen a Novella, Fiction and about 20,000 words and that is my aim. But let’s see how it goes. I think I am going to be stressed out by the end of July. I will definitely tell you all about my experience about the this.

 What are your plans, readers? Any thing interesting?


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