Gratitude Challenge Week 27

Week 27 topic is Favorite Spot in your city.

I have lot of favorite spots in Seattle and It might not be your regular tourist spots . I am really grateful for this city in introducing me to all the better things in life.

  • Pike’s Place Market. I love walking in the market and looking at what the vendors have. My favorite place to visit is Piroshky . it is a Russian bakery which sells the puff pastries with both savory and sweet filling.
  • Discovery Park. Amazing views if you walk in the trail.
  • Micheals & Joanns – Somehow I always end up in these shops. Though I don’t buy a lot, I just love looking at the arts and crafts shop.
  • Uwajimaya & Central Market – I love these Asian Markets. Thought I can’t read their languages, I just love looking at all the aisles and lets not forget their yummy steamy cheese cake , soft and full of calories . I had to have this whenever I visit these shops.
  • Madison Park. Beautiful area with kids playground and a sandy beach for the kids.

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