Gratitude Challenge Week 32

Week 32 topic is A city you’ve visited.

We love travelling and we have been to many places but the city which was fascinating to me was Rome. It has so much history in them. I loved researching about all those architectures. And the main highlight was Vatican City. I loved the architecture and the history behind it. We took a guided tour inside the Vatican and that was the best thing we did because the story told by them was really fascinating. The beautiful altar and bloodied cloth worn by Jesus were totally fascinating. They had the statues of all the Popes and the story for each of them were interesting.

And let’s not forget the food . I still remember the Eggplant Pizza which was amazing and Gelato (Sorbet), they had so many flavors and there is a gelato shop in every street and they were seriously amazing. I think this is one city I really want to visit again.


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