Gratitude Challenge Week 35

Week 35 topic is your neighborhood.

I always believed in the quote, Everything happens for a reason and that is why I believe that I am meant to be here in this neighborhood. It is very near to my daughter’s school. It is also walking distance to some of the shops and a beautiful trail. And I have made some good friends. The neighborhood I live in is not big but I love it. I love that it is only walking distance to bus stop. There are mixed ethnic families here. I am the only Asian Indian here and some of my friends are Japanese and Korean. I love that our neighborhood is so varied. I love talking to the Asian families about food.

They love Indian food too and I invite them sometime over for tea and I usually make Chai and Dhokla for tea. They love it. I also have some Indian Snacks or sweets for them to try on. There are also some mature couples living in our neighborhood whose children are grown up. Of course there are one or two idiot ones but that is given in any neighborhood, right?

But yes, I love my neighborhood.


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