Gratitude Challenge Week 36

Week 36 topic is Your Home.

Everyone has their dream home, right? When we were looking for a home, I knew what I don’t want? Is that weird? But I always trusted my first instinct, If I have second thoughts then I am not sure of it. We saw a lot of nice houses but somehow it just didn’t feel right. We came to view some house near by and saw a board on the road which said new construction and on an impulse we decided to check it out.

We saw a town home and I loved the layout. I didn’t want a big house because all I could think was all the cleaning I had to do. The main reason this house interested us was the finished basement. It is a perfect space for my daughter. We have the book shelf and the TV set up in the basement. She also has a dedicated play space for her. When we have guest, all the kids go to the basement and just run around. It is a size of a big master bedroom and that is enough for the kids to run around.

I do love our home. I decorated it myself with paintings and all the knickknacks I collect along the way. I am grateful for perfect home we found. I think if we ever want to move to a different place, I would just want the same house but in different location.


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